b'Trillium Creek s l o o p 3 3 6 MapA PLAY PARKS GREENWAY VILLAGE PARKS & TRAILT THEmoon Mystic PonddancepondTrilliumParkVillage Creek336 MARKETPLACEMystic Pond WEST VILLAGE LLAGE BLVD.GRAND VI 5 -. R D4Grand Lake Creek KRAP IWatermarkResidentialNl Wai TOr T Cresant CreekreekHideaway Trail randCENTRAL VILLAGE T TAKE T RAILS CeLak PicinicG park(Coming Soon)O THEgrand lake Lake House Creek Silverdale Creek .7 miles creek trailLake House Trail lake housedeer 1.2 milesl a k e Hotel & Sam Houston trailConference State UniversityCentergr a n dSAFETY REMINDERS l a k e GRAND CENTRAL PKWY. little lakeMarcel Blvd.Retail, Dining Stay on designated trails. & Office .4 miles trailPADDLE Be aware of wildlife. Use extreme lakecaution and do not feed any animals. CITY CENTRAL Cut Bank Creek hideaway Trails open sunrise to sunset. .3 miles Walk with a partner while on the trails. Landing trail the Proper footwear is recommended. (Coming Soon) Use at your own risk. Little Lake Trail ROADWAYS ARELITTLE Little Lake BranchGOLF-CART FRIENDLYlakeL ittle Lak oope Ll i a r T e s u o H e k a L KAYAK &OF TRAILS CANOER E V O 8 MILES & PATHWAYS88 GRAND LAKEACREsomewherein time'