b'H O U S E P L A N TSFrom cactus to succulents to ferns to ivy, greenery is one of the top trending home accessories. Dont have a green thumb? Dont fret, realistic faux options are just as impressive.G LO B A L PAT T E R N SHow do you add worldly sophistication to your homes dcor? Try incorporatingM I D C E N T U RY M O D E R N some international motifs like ikat, indigo, Keep your interiors current by adding a little hintpaisley and block prints into your furniture of retro. A sleek coffee table, credenza orand accessories.Eames chair can add just the right touch of 50s vibe, without launching into full Jetsons mode. H O M E O F F I C EHome offices have zoomed to the top of the must-have list. When setting up your home work space, think beyondthe kitchen table. Privacy, comfort andadequate storage help increaseyour productivity.C U T T I N G B OA R D SThey arent just for slicing and dicing any more! Whether artistically stacked on counters or hung on walls, cutting boards can cook up all kinds of exciting looks. 33'