b'YOUR COMMUNITY FOUNDATION COMMITTEE, or what The Johnson Development Corp. (JDC) calls YCFC, for short, helps give residents the pride and comfort in knowing the unsurpassed quality expected from each JDC community will be maintained, sustained, and even enhanced throughout the years.HOW DOES YCFC WORK? WHO BENEFITS FROM YCFC?A foundation fee is collected at each closing as a percentageYCFC partners with the Homeowners Association Board of the sales price of each home. These funds are then set asideto help select projects including, but not limited to:for such purposes as the Homeowners Association Board, Community events, clubs, groups, and sportsupon recommendation of YCFC, deems beneficial to the Health and wellnesscommunity. Each time a property is re-sold, the fee is once Technologyagain collected. Hence, the reserve, which always stays within the community, perpetuates for the life of the development.Education The environmentHOW IS THE MONEY SPENT?Enhancements and improvements to infrastructurewithin the developmentAn appointed group of citizens (YCFC) works in concert with the Homeowners Association Board to review grant applications and select projects and programs believed to best reflect the needs and interests of the community. In addition, foundation fees fund community artwork, holiday decorations, and special events.Lead Association Management, Inc.281-857-6027gcp.oc@lead-inc.com40'