Plus Forty Fitness

Plus Forty Fitness

January 14, 2021

What would you do if it was December 31st 2021 and you met your health and wellness goal of either getting fit or toning up … or perhaps beginning and sticking with an exercise routine? How would you feel? This dream can totally become a reality! Recently I read an article in Runner's World that talked about the benefits of working out in a group because of the accountability and motivation that it offers, not to mention the encouragement to step out of your comfort zone. One other thing I heard recently was that the best exercise is the exercise that you will do! It could be running, swimming, walking, or even dancing also known as Zumba. There is definitely something to be said about working out in a group or with a personal trainer.

I'm super excited about The Lake House that Johnson Development is building in Grand Central Park. It’s going to have a fitness center which will, no doubt, be amazing. If you're like me, and you're a social person but maybe you’re not like me in that you don’t love love  love (can I add one more love) running. I get it, it’s not for everyone. Perhaps you prefer to go to the gym. Plus Forty Fitness could possibly be the place for you. I’ve taken an aerobics class there that had me smiling the entire time. It was so much fun!

What I like most about Plus Forty Fitness is that there is literally something for everyone:

  • Keiser variable resistance weight system which is great for injury prevention. It fosters controlled and steady resistance throughout each set.
  • Peloton bike (with monthly membership packages). It’s even strategically placed in front of a window just like in the commercials. #winning
  • Have you heard of the MIRROR Exercise? It’s a standup mirror offering cardio, strength, yoga, boxing, Pilates and barre!
  • Classes: zumba, yoga, body pump and more.
  • NormaTEC compression boots. I love love love them (not as much as running, but they are a close second). They have really helped me recover quicker from long runs! It’s like getting a massage!

It’s December 31, 2021. You’re looking good, you’re feeling good and life is good. Aren’t you glad you met your health and wellness goals of getting fit or toning up? Perhaps we will have seen each other at Plus Forty Fitness! Happy New Year friends!

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