Doris Hopper - The Director of Fun!

Doris Hopper is into serious fun — which is good news for residents of Grand Central Park! Here’s what Doris has in store:

  • Organize signature events to add flare and fun to the community
  • Launch resident social groups such as wine club, book club and bunco
  • Establish a neighborhood watch program

Doris has an impressive resume, blazing a trail as a police detective in El Paso, working serious crimes for 23 years. But she’s always been an event planner at heart, organizing conferences, fairs and telethons in El Paso and working most recently as a program specialist for The Woodlands Township. Here are a few interesting tidbits about our Director of Fun:

  • It’s not most of the people who are surprised Doris used to be a police detective — it’s 100 percent. Most people commonly guess she is a teacher.
  • She loves animals and even had a pet alligator as a child.
  • Want to make a good impression? Bring her something sweet.
  • She’s a newlywed — “It’s never too late to find your true love.”
  • Doris LOVES interior decorating, and is very excited to be working in a well-appointed model home.

we are very excited to have Doris Hopper as the Grand Central Park Director of Fun!

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