Explore Trails: Nature's Beauty in Conroe, TX

Hike, jog, bike or simply stroll through the woods — the choice will be yours, now that miles of resident-only trails are open throughout Grand Central Park.

The Grandeur

Paved pathways connect with The Grandeur — nature trails that traverse the community. Hike authentic nature trails under a cooling canopy of dense forest. Bike through the woods down to Deer Lake, where you can stop and see the sights and cast a line. As a resident, you will experience the adventure of The Grandeur.

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Kayak Paddle Lake

Kayak Paddle Lake

A perfect day on Paddle Lake starts with a kayak. Don’t have one? No problem. Residents of Grand Central Park can take their kayaks out on Paddle Lake. It’s a great way to relax, unwind and view our community from a completely different perspective.

Somewhere in Time

Somewhere in Time

A special spot along the way of The Grandeur trails where past entwines with the present and the future to create a unique moment in which you can be fully present. Take a minute or take an hour to reflect on the beauty of nature in this place where time stands still and busy schedules, stressful days and the modern world are forgotten. 

Grand Central Park Parks and Trails Map

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