Car Help!

Car Help!

January 19, 2021

Imagine being stranded on a dark lonely road, where no one is around and you’ve just discovered that the battery in your car is dead. What do you do? You won’t believe this, but that happened to me ..sort of… ok, so I was not stranded on a dark lonely road (thank goodness). I was, however, at Twilight Park located in Grand Central Park. I had three dogs in tow because we needed to be out of the house for a couple of hours so we were enjoying a nice Sunday drive. My husband was out of town so he couldn’t help me.  He advised that I call one of our neighbors, Geoff.  I did as he suggested and I got his voicemail. I then called three other neighbors. Only one answered and said she and her husband were an hour and a half away. She later texted me to check on me (so sweet).  I received a returned call from Rick and he quickly came to my rescue. After getting a jump I ran over to AutoZone which is exactly two and half miles from Grand Central Park. When I got there the gentleman who helped me tested my battery and then changed it out for me. I thought it was genius that he tested the battery to make sure that it was indeed the problem. No one has ever offered to do that before. Keep in mind, my car was born in 2013 and I have had to replace the battery before.

You may be wondering to yourself what is the moral of the story. I personally feel like it's three fold.

       Living in a community with incredible neighbors that you can call when in need of help is invaluable. Everyone followed up with me to make sure I was ok. #ilovegcp

       I was reminded of the beautiful parks and amenities that Johnson Development has given us in Grand Central Park. #happycamper

       The people at Auto Zone on Frazier in Conroe are incredible. I'm so grateful for Daniel O.’s willingness to make sure I got the help I needed.

       There are always blessings to be counted in the midst of a mini-storm.

Thank goodness I was not stranded on a dark lonely road. Instead I was surrounded by so many people who were willing to help. Thank you GCP and Auto Zone!!

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