Coffee Snob

Coffee Snob

February 05, 2019

I don’t know about you, but from a very young age I have been exposed to coffee. Don’t worry…. I didn’t drink it as a kid, that stuff stunts your growth. However I was very familiar with it because my Mom and Grandma drank it quite frequently. I don’t mean to disclose my age here, but we are talking about the pre-Starbuck’s era. You know, back when Folgers was still the best part of waking up. I did later develop a taste for coffee, and now Lee and I have coffee EVERY morning. I quickly became what you would call… um… a coffee snob! I’ve become very particular about the coffee that I drink. I especially love a good froth in my coffee, however we don’t have a fancy coffee machine.  What we do have is a good old fashioned French press. Oh it does us justice. Me + coffee early in the day = a good morning!

Can anyone relate with what I’m sharing? One of the great things about living in Grand Central Park, is that there is no shortage of yummy gourmet coffee shops near by. We have so many coffee shops within close proximity to choose from! Pick a direction and you can pick a coffee shop. If you head South on I-45 to The Woodlands you’ll find two coffee shops that won’t disappoint. One of which is The Hub Cafe and Bistro and it is a great place to hang out or meet a friend or two. Then there is the brand new coffee shop that just opened this past Fall in Market Street called Blue Door. From what I hear, not long after they were open they were so busy that they ran out of coffee beans. The coffee must be good!

If you head North of GCP, you can try Bean Punk (formerly called Conroe Coffee) which by the way, has a new location in downtown Conroe AND they just opened a second location in Montgomery. One of my personal favorite places is Flour-ish and is also located in downtown Conroe. Not only do they have delicious coffee, but their lunch menu is to die for. Perhaps we could make a road trip to one of these said coffee shops! And let’s not forget the GCP Starbucks located right here at Kroger for a quick cup.  Who is with me?

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