Blue Epiphany Winery is a Must Go!

Blue Epiphany Winery is a Must Go!

March 25, 2019

Can I let you in on a little family scuttlebutt? I don’t know if I am of Italian descent or Hispanic descent. Don’t worry, I’m not having an identity crisis; but I think you should know that if you ask me, I’m Italian because of my love of vino!! Surely, that’s a reliable indicator, right? If you ask my Aunt in New York, she says I’m Hispanic! Either way - let’s just say I like to have fun!!! And boy have I found just the place to have a little fun and it’s at Blue Epiphany Winery! It’s in Conroe and they have the coolest story! If you’re looking for a change of scenery and pace, you’ve got to check them out! Look at these fun facts about this hidden gem that is a must experience venue:

  • 15-acre vineyard/winery situated on a gorgeous country lawn
  • Started by 3 law enforcement officers
  • The name and the logo for the vineyard incorporate the "Thin Blue Line," a figurative phrase meaning support for law enforcement and a single star representing the Sheriff's Office.
  • They have a wine club.
  • Any given weekend, you’ll find a food truck and live music!
  • My favorite wine is called Escape Plan!!

The thing I love most about Blue Epiphany is the environment that James, Jack and Chris, the owners, have created! You’ll feel at home and it’s a great place to relax with friends. I encourage you stop by, enjoy a wine tasting and learn about the various wines and how they came up with the names, such as House Divided, Freeze, You’re Under Arrest (just kidding about that one). Just visit my friends at B|E!!!

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