A Different Kind of Yoga

A Different Kind of Yoga

April 26, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like stretching! But just like our eating fruits and vegetables, I know that it’s good for me!! Can you relate? I mean….”down dog” is cool to say, but actually doing it….yeah….that’s another thing!! Friends, have no fear, I have found the PERFECT place to get your stretch on and I’m going to tell you why I love this little gem of a place called Body and Brain Conroe.

  • First, the location: It’s not too far from Grand Central Park. It’s located just a few miles West on 1488 (close to Kuykendahl and HEB for those HEB fans).
  • The owner: Cherie, has the sweetest Australian accent. Who doesn’t like an accent that’s not a Texas twang? And I can tell you her heart is as big as Texas.
  • The classes: Cherie offers Tai-Chi and various forms of meditation and yoga. It is definitely not a traditional yoga either. Sure, we do some stretching and we push our minds and bodies, but it’s a unique experirence.
  • Community: When I leave the studio, I find that I am more at peace and relaxed. Cherie has done a really good job of fostering an environment of community and connection. At the end of each class she (or one of her students) serves a wonderful healing tea and everyone visits and there’s no mad dash for the door. Most people know each other by name (anyone remember the show Cheers?).

If you have goals to get healthy in 2019 and you want to do it in a low-impact kind of way, then I highly recommend you visit Cherie at Body and Brain Conroe. She also offers some personal coaching and private sessions if you prefer a personal touch!

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