Outside the Box Health & Wellness

Outside the Box Health & Wellness

May 13, 2019

I think we can all agree that I'm pretty much a health and wellness junkie! I love to run, I love Whole Foods and I love thinking outside of the box when it comes to taking care of myself. If you can relate to anything that I just said then you will love today's blog….so keep reading!!! I'm all for modern medicine and I’m so grateful that if Lee or I get a cold that keeps lingering then we're able to quickly get a proper diagnosis or prescription if needed. That's awesome! Often times I take a more holistic approach to health and wellness by regularly seeing a Chiropractor and I also see an Acupuncturist. It’s my way of staying on offense when it comes to health! In this blog, I’m going to share with you a couple of my favorite doctors and why I see them.

While most people think of chiropractic care for aches and pains, there are some that will focus on the “foundation” of the overall health picture as opposed to focusing on systems. That’s why Lee and I go to Foundation Chiropractic. Dr. Evan Pulver focuses on foundational chiropractic care because he takes a proactive approach versus being reactive. A healthy spine helps the brain communicate with the body via nerves. When we have normal structure, that allows the body to function optimally and to heal itself. When I get regular adjustments I feel healthy!

My go-to- Chiropractor is Dr. Evan Pulver.
3759 Farm to Market Rd 1488 #175, The Woodlands, TX 77384.


Acupuncture:  According to Live Science, acupuncture “is a complementary medical practice that entails stimulating certain points on the body (most often with a needle penetrating the skin) to alleviate pain or to help treat various health conditions.” It’s another non-invasive way to allow the body to heal itself and it also is a great way to address small issues so that they don’t become big ones later! As if we needed ANOTHER reason to visit the quaint little square in Conroe!! You’re welcome!!! When I leave Dr. Alyson’s office I feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted! Think massage-like feeling!! Can you say “aaaahhhh!!!”

Alyson Bayer with Clear Choice Acupuncture and Wellness
213 N Thompson St, Conroe, TX 77301.


We are surrounded by great Chiropractors and alternative health practitioners, so don’t just take my word for it - do your own research. Cheers to being in good health!

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