Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch Program

May 28, 2019

Do you remember the lyrics from that 80’s song, “I always feel like….somebody's watching me?” Millennials, look it up on YouTube, RIGHT NOW!! DO IT!  Don’t delay!  In and around Grand Central Park, that’s just the song to sing! Under the supervision of our Director of Fun, Doris, we have a Neighborhood Watch Program where we are the ones who are on the lookout! There are several Block Captains that oversee assigned blocks throughout the neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Watch Program has been around for decades and has been instrumental in making communities safer. The most obvious reason to participate in a Neighborhood Watch  is to prevent crime by reporting suspicious activity. Another reason is to create awareness and camaraderie by promoting neighborliness. (What a fun word… neighborliness…) It’s also an opportunity to bring light to other important issues such as emergency planning and preparedness. Last Fall Doris hosted a wonderful safety meeting where we learned about what to do in the event of an emergency be it evacuating or hunkering down in a hurricane. The meeting was very informative.

GCP Residents, if you want to get involved in our Neighborhood Watch Program, then reach out to Doris. She will be happy to help you get plugged in.

Something else to keep in mind as travel season is quickly approaching, the City of Conroe has a program called Operation Home Watch. If you’re planning to go on vacation, you can request that a Patrol Officer check your residence regularly during your absence. Click here  to view the Operation Home Watch application! Thank you, City of Conroe Police Department!!

Seriously, I’m so grateful that GCP has a Neighborhood Watch Program and if you are a part of it (in any way), I say thank you!!!

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