Conroe Art League

Conroe Art League

June 07, 2019

Growing up I used to doodle all the time as I loved to draw (and still do). In fact I would spend hours upon hours designing and drawing layouts of homes! Yes, when I was a little girl I dreamed of becoming an architect (but I never advanced passed doodling)!!! To this day, I can draw a mean sign!  This post is not so much about all my doodling and desire to be an artist as much as it is about a little known secret, a nearby art league… yes, have you heard of it:  the Conroe Art League? Lean in if you love to draw, paint, create jewelry, take photos or if you enjoy art museums, exhibits and supporting local (not-so-starving) artists.

The Conroe Art League was founded in 1963 by a few women who wanted to save art as they felt it was going down the tube (seriously). The Conroe Art League is located inside the historical 100 year old Madeley Building that was once home to the Conroe Telephone Company, which was a telephone exchange. You can tour the gallery and find out first hand of its rich history. Check out these stats about the Conroe Art League:

  • Founded in 1963 with 15 members
  • Currently 320 members strong (and growing)
  • Located in the historic Madeley Building (that once was a telephone exchange)
  • Consists of amature and professionals alike (literally all are welcome)
  • Membership is $40 per year
  • They hosts monthly exhibits (visit for more details)
  • Open to the public 6 days a week (free)
  • Located next to Red Brick Tavern and Joe’s Pub

If I have piqued your interest at all, then you’ll want to attend the upcoming Lone Star Art Guild Show that takes place every June, which is comprised of 15 independent art leagues located within a 200-mile radius of Houston, Texas. This is an exhibit you’ll want to see!

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