Street Names in GCP

Street Names in GCP

June 25, 2019

One day as I was running on Lily Green Court I thought to myself, “What a cool name”,  as it reminded me of my Mom (whose name is Lily). Then I turned onto Twilight Toast Drive and thought, “that’s a cool name too!” There are a lot of walkers, joggers and cyclists in our neighborhood. I’ve got to know, does anyone else wonder how the names were generated and who thought of them, and what the process was for doing so?

My curiosity quickly became satisfied when I sat down with Shannon League, the Marketing Director for Johnson Development, to get the skinny on the naming process for the streets in GCP. To my amazement (and hopefully yours too), it’s not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of work that goes into selecting just the right names.

Before we dive into naming the streets, it actually starts with naming the community. There's so much heart, soul and effort that goes into creating a name of a community. Think about it, this is a name that is going to live on for generations. It's essentially ‘branding’ a community.  The name Grand Central Park took time to evolve for sure. Johnson Development wanted to reflect the amazing asset of Grand Lake and the state park feel to the community in the name. As they brainstormed, they realized it really was “centrally located” between Conroe and The Woodlands giving homeowners an easy commute to anywhere they desired. Hence we have Grand Central Park!

For starters, a plat gets submitted to the City for approval prior to Johnson Development starts construction on the streets, drainage and water sewage system. That means that names of the streets are determined 6-9 months before the plat gets turned into the City for approval. In other communities, such as Woodforest, there are sections and each section has a theme. Instead of doing it that way in GCP, each village has a theme. Currently there are two villages: West Village and coming soon is Central Village. The theme of West Village is ‘natural elements”.... that’s why the street names have names derived from the sun, flowers, vegetation, and topography. Here’s a fun fact about the street and park that contain the name Trillium … Trillium is a flower and the provincial emblem of Ontario, Canada! Who knew??  After all of the names are picked out, which is an arduous process simply because you can’t duplicate the name so names have to go through the Montgomery County Appraisal District and 911 district. They can’t even be close to another name that is already in existence. Remember, Montgomery County was recently named the fastest growing area in The United States. According to the Montgomery County Appraisal District, there are over 9,600 streets that they maintain alone. That doesn’t count the number of streets that are within city limits (Conroe, Willis, Montgomery, The Woodlands). You get the point!!! That’s a lot of street names to sift through. :D

Here are a few of my favorite street names:

  • Amber Jade Court
  • Skybranch Drive
  • Moon Dance Court
  • Wild Garden Court

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