My Favorite Food Trucks

My Favorite Food Trucks

July 19, 2019

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure one of my love languages is food! I don’t even care for cooking, but rather just eating! Nomnomnom (insert a picture of me rubbing my belly). And I found the perfect place that you have got to check out. This place that I'm going to tell you about is actually a park and not an old ordinary park! If you go there on any given day, you may find a dad walking across the room carrying a milkshake that looks like a pie/cake/milkshake of goodness to some excited kids, or you may find a couple eating while their German Shepherd hangs out at their feet. Or perhaps you’ll see a few guys just chilling, having a beer. And the food...oh w.o.w.! There is definitely something for everyone ranging from seafood, pizza pies, gourmet sandwiches, Greek food and even BBQ. Be still my taste buds! Are you serious? Ok, sorry .. I’m talking to myself OUTLOUD just thinking about it. And all of this is located in the same vicinity (on FM1488 just as you get to Magnolia). The park I'm talking about is a food truck park called Deacon Baldy's. According to their website, “they have scoured the Greater Houston area to discover their favorite mobile kitchens”. They have permanent trucks as well as daily trucks. As you arrive at Deacon Baldy’s, you will see this giant space called “The Bar” which is a pavilion with several rows of picnic tables along with free standing barrel type tables. On the right side of the pavillion is the actual bar which is huge and on the opposite side are food trucks. Not just any food truck either, see the descriptions below:

  • BBQ Godfather - named one of the top 6 food trucks in all of Houston!!!
  • Twisted Chefs - the newest addition to their food truck family. They’re whipping up Gyro’s, Salads, sandwiches, and Specials like Blackened Catfish, Bacon Wrapped Quail, and more. I can confirm that their greek chicken salad is second to none!
  • Dizzy Pies boasts that “this ain’t your average pizza pie.” Dizzy Pies brings to the table a truly Texas inspired pizza. The Dizzy Team promises fresh, high quality ingredients, with Texas Flare to create pizza like no other! Be sure to stop by on the weekends for an out of this world homemade “Dizzerts!” Their spinning pies will leave you mesmerized.
  • Wiches on Wheels - delivers gourmet sandwiches, built with original, homemade, from-scratch recipes and ingredients. Their “Best Meat Between Two Buns” is to salivate for.. I die for.

Something to note about The Bar, it houses a curated selection of 40 beer taps with local craft beer and a cocktail program. They also have wine if that’s your preference.

Whatever your food fancy, I’m pretty sure, there’s a “food truck for that” at Deacon Baldy’s. You can’t beat the atmosphere. It’s family friendly and pet friendly. They even have various yard games. Head on over and see for yourself!!!

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