A Dog's Take on Frisky Biscuit Dog Park

A Dog's Take on Frisky Biscuit Dog Park

July 29, 2019

“Mom, is it time? Can we go now?” she said as she gave me that oh-so familiar stare, looking up at me with those big brown eyes. I know my girl…what she was asking…“Can we please go to the Frisky Biscuit Dog Park?” She would even add “I've been a very good girl.” If you know me, you know that I do not have children yet however I do have a fur-babies. Yes I am a proud #dogmom. One of my dogs, sweet Nellie Dee, loves going to the Frisky Biscuit Dog Park. What am I saying...all three dogs love going to the park in GCP. In fact, Nellie Dee and Charlie Brown love to run around and chase each other. When they are not playing chase, their noses are to the ground, no doubt on sensory overload. It's like the best place next to Frisbees and fetch which again my dogs love. You’ve heard of hog heaven right? Well this is more like “dog heaven”. They get so excited when I come in from a run...they know what comes next. That’s how familiar I am with that much anticipated look. Our oldest dog, Ginger, isn’t so frisky these days however she has been known to have a sweet time smelling and keeping the passerbyers in check. It's really cool to see our fur-babies have so much fun, in our “second” backyard. I’m pretty sure our dogs think I am the coolest #dogmom in the whole wide world when I take them to the Frisky Biscuit Dog Park. It is a really cute and cool park. I took a poll from the three dogs to see what their favorite thing about the dog park is:

  • Nellie: loves the wide open space to run and play chase with Charlie. She isn’t quite sure about the whole “jumping through hoops” thing but she can appreciate it as a form of art!
  • Charlie: loves the see-saw and aspires to one day make it across with flying colors! About the fire hydrant, he says it’s so cliche and so fun to pee on!
  • Ginger: loves the fresh water fountain and wishes the bones that are designed for jumping were actual bones. What can I say - the girl loves to eat! More treats please!

What I like about the Frisky Biscuit Dog Park is that there are two sections: one for large dogs and another for small dogs. An added bonus are the picnic tables, benches and all of the shade the dog park provides while watching the pooches run and play. This is by far the best GCP amenity according to my fur-babies. See you at the Frisky Biscuit Dog Park!

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