CASA 10th Annual Superhero Run

CASA 10th Annual Superhero Run

August 20, 2019

Who is your favorite Superhero? If you would have asked me when I was a kid, I would have said the Smurfs, specifically Smurfette! These days it would be Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. I think she's awesome! I mean what's not to like about her? She's smart, brave and resourceful. She can shoot a mean bow and arrow and she protects the underdog. Side note here.. I realize, Smurfette and Katniss Everdeen don’t really fall under the category of Superhero, but… work with me here. I didn’t grow up watching Superheroes!! But if I must pick one.. I guess it would be Wonder Woman (the name says it all). #ineedhelp

I have another question for you... What do running, walking, superheroes and YOU have in common? By the time you finish reading this blog hopefully you will be able to determine the answer!

On October 26th, 2019 there will be several superheroes lining up to either do a 5K trail run / walk or a 1 mile trail run / walk. All ages and ability are welcome to participate.

This event  benefits Casa Child Advocates of Montgomery County. CASA's goal is to "provide a court-appointed volunteer to serve as Guardian ad Litem for every child who needs us and break the cycle of abuse in our community one child at a time."

Some of the things that a child advocates does includes: 

  • Serve as a guardian to children who are in the foster care system.
  • Attend court appointed appointments with the child.
  • Visit each child that they serve once a month, but could be more.
  • Be a voice of hope for the child that they serve.
  • Stay with each child until the case is closed and the child has been placed in a permanent, loving home.

Registration opened August 1st. Costumes are welcome and encouraged.

It is not too early to begin training for the 5K trail run and walk. By doing so you could be a superhero in a child's life! And by the way, did I mention that this event is going to take place on the trails of Grand Central Park? Come out and see why so many absolutely love this community and support an amazing organization and cause! Just another reason why I love GCP!! See you on the trail!

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