The Grandeur Trails

The Grandeur Trails

August 21, 2019

When I trained for my very first marathon I did a lot of running in the W.G. Jones State Forest. In fact, there was a group of us that would faithfully meet on Sunday mornings until the horse flies chased us out (and typically it was around this time of year)! When we weren't running around in the Jones State Forest, we were running in The Sam Houston National Forest. There's just something about being out in nature that does the mind, body and spirit good. Research suggests that spending 120 minutes in nature each week can boost your sense of well-being. Guess what, it’s priceless!!! Being out in nature and being in close proximity of beautiful trails is what caught Lee and I’s attention when we were first thinking about moving to Grand Central Park. 

Within our wonderful community there is a resident who is an author and Naturalist (side note, she writes and films the nature photography for The Urban Naturalist series of books). Her name is Cindy Price and she is quite the expert relating to all (living) things outdoors. At any given time neighbors ask her about various animals that they find in their backyards and around GCP to find out “what it is”. She is a wealth of knowledge. In fact, Cindy says "The Grandeur Trail has real possibilities- lots of old growth trees and winding along a waterway. Right now it’s definitely a work in progress. I love the photo of the moss covered tree stump. I call it a fairy banquet table."

Here are a few exciting things to note about the Grandeur Trail:

  • Paved pathways through the West Village connect with The Grandeur.
  • Consists of nature trails and paved roadways that traverse Grand Central Park.
  • Leads to Deer Lake, where fishing is available.
  • Perfect for hiking and biking!
  • Open to Grand Central Park residents from dawn to dusk!

This is just one of many fun amenities that Johnson Development is bestowing on Grand Central Park for its residents and another reason why I love Grand Central Park. See you on the trail!!!


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