Grand Central Park App

Grand Central Park App

November 19, 2019

I have friends who love, love, love essential oils. In fact, they love essential oils so much that they’ve adopted a slogan that says, “There’s an oil for that.” How true is that of applications on our cell phones… right? I mean.. You can find an app to help you do just about anything. There are apps for doing yoga, cooking, keeping notes, remembering to drink water, do brain exercises, learn to speak a foreign language, you name it. But what about the mobile app that is designed to keep Grand Central Park residents in-the-know and have easy access to register for events? Yes! There’s an app for that! There are several things I love, love, love about the GCP mobile app and why you’d want to download and use it right away (if you’re not already doing so). When you open the app, click on the bars on the upper left corner to access the following convenient tabs:

  • My Grand Central Park - shows events you're interested in or events your neighbors have shared with you (more about that in a moment).
  • Community Calendar - allows you to see upcoming events AND directs you to the event registration page. This is especially handy during times when "space is limited". No need to wait for an e-mail to register. How handy!!
  • Clubs - find out which clubs are available, when they are meeting, and gives you the ability to contact the club directly. Currently GCP has 7 clubs!!!
  • Neighbors - You can find and follow neighbors and recommend and share events with one another. Caring is sharing!!!
  • Model Homes - Want to share GCP with a friend or family member? You can show them the various model homes that are available right from your GCP app.
  • Parks and amenities - easy access to see what GCP currently has to offer and what’s to come.
  • 336 Marketplace - Find hours of operation and exact location for all of the 336 Marketplace stores How convenient!
  • GCP online store - gives you access to your favorite community’s apparel from hats to tumblers to shirts to blankets. WOW!
  • Foundation Committee - discover “Your Committee Foundation Committee” also known as YCFC at Grand Central Park and get the latest news on the impact GCP is making in our community. This one is super cool. Want to learn more? Check out the GCP app!
  • Settings - allows you to maintain your privacy, share your email, phone or address with neighbors and it allows you to upload a profile picture.

It‘s so easy to be able to register for events and stay connected to all things GCP in just a few swipes on the celly!! To access the app, simply go to the app store on your cell phone, search for Grand Central Park and download for free! If you’re not a GCP resident yet, no worries. You can still download the app, but will just have some restrictions. Happy swiping!!


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