Burger Fresh

Burger Fresh

March 02, 2020

When was the last time you went off the beaten path and ate at a restaurant that might have been considered a hole in the wall but it turned out to be nothing less than the best meal you've ever had? You know what I'm talking about...the type of meal that makes you say "those calories were TOTALLY worth it." I love eating at those types of places! I enjoy eating at local chain restaurants too, but there is something about eating at a "one of a kind” restaurant". Our beloved Conroe has a restaurant just like that if you've got a hankering to go to one. And it's not too far from Grand Central Park. Before I tell you the name of said restaurant, you need to know that if you're sticking to your New Year's resolution to eat healthy, they've got you covered! The place I am speaking of is called Burger Fresh and it's located on Gladstell Rd. When you go there, you can count on their fresh ingredients. They don't cook it until you order it and they cook it just the way you order it. If Keto is your thing, there is something for you.

Lee and I recently ate at Burger Fresh and had a nice visit with James Canada, the owner. He is a local guy who has been in the restaurant business for several years and has owned seven restaurants in the Conroe area.

Some of the “off the beaten menu” items you will find at Burger Fresh are: 

● American Classic (most popular and won the Texas Monthly award)
● Avocado Sunrise
● Chips & Queso Burger
● Ultimate Beer Burger on Texas Toast
● Spicy Jalapeno Bacon Burger
● Spicy Ranch Bacon Burger
● Keto Meals (No Bun Burger with Bacon & Egg & Cheesy Cheese Burger salad)

It doesn’t stop at burgers either, they also serve Steak fingers, Chicken tenders and Catfish baskets along with salads and out of this world appetizers. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the hand battered onion rings. They are to die for. But wait...there’s more! James and his team serve all you can eat Catfish with salad, fries and hushpuppies after 5:00 every day and all day on Sunday! I can’t forget to mention dessert which consists of Blue Bell shakes, malts and floats (to name a few).

So go off the not so far beaten path and visit our friends at Burger Fresh for the best fresh burger experience. Your taste buds will thank you!

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