2nd and Charles

2nd and Charles

March 06, 2020

Can I let you in on a little secret about me? Promise not to judge? Perhaps you can even relate… Ready? I’m a book junkie!!! Yes! I love books. I don’t read them all, but I have a nice collection. If I could have a room dedicated to nothing but real hard covered books, I would. I know what you’re thinking.. “That’s called a library, Jen.” And that’s what I mean. I would have a library in my house. These days media rooms are a big deal, but what if we bring back in-home libraries? Or is it still a thing? In the world of technology, which is not a bad thing, how many of you prefer an electronic book over a physical book? I have my fair share of both. I even enjoy audio books. They are great to listen to while I’m working in the house or doing something that doesn’t require my full attention. Let’s not get started on the genre of books that I enjoy, but I can tell you this… I’m not a fan of science fiction (that’s Lee’s thing). What about you? What type of book do you enjoy reading?

I am grateful that Barnes and Noble located at the Woodlands Mall is super close to Grand Central Park (not to mention a couple of public libraries.. Oh I digress again). But then there is a hidden gem that’s even closer and it’s called 2nd and Charles. Have you heard of it? Not only do they sell new and gently used books, but they buy books among other things, and will give you a store credit towards a future purchase. They have so much more than books; though that seems to be my main focus. At 2nd and Charles you can find music as in vinyl’s, guitars, video games, gifts, candy…!!! They even have author events, book signings and other events all.month.long. Here are a few events happening in the month of March.

  • March 9th - 15th, they are playing Mario games in stores in celebration of Mario Day on March 10th.
  • March 21st is World Poetry day and they are hosting a poetry slam and crafting event.
  • March 22nd is “Hungry Caterpillar Event” and it consists of coloring and story time activities for the kiddos!

Be sure to visit their website for additional information on these events and more.

2nd and Charles is like a toy store for big and little kids alike!! Happy reading and exploring!

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