Salt Remedy

Salt Remedy

March 12, 2020

Spring is on its way.! If you’re like me..then this makes you very giddy! Bring on the breezy California-like temperatures, let’s open the windows, forward the clock ahead an hour (we didn’t need it anyway) and let’s get to cleaning! Seriously, I love EVERYTHING about Spring… even the rain! There’s just something about this time of year that has always been my favorite. I realize that this time of year is not so fun for those who suffer from allergies, especially if you’re not a native Houstonian. Some people, maybe more than a few, are getting ready to embark on a hay fever  journey and they believe pollination is for the birds! I have a friend who struggles with seasonal allergies and well... she has learned how to live with it because it is what it is. If you’re dreading this upcoming Springtime and the weather that is to ensue, dread no more. Help is just around the corner from our beloved Grand Central Park; literally around a couple of corners. And this wonderful oasis of a place is called Salt Remedy and it’s located a few miles West on FM 1488. My good friend, Cassandra is the owner and let’s just say she is as genuine as they come!

 Dry salt therapy is a natural, holistic approach to help relieve:

  • symptoms of respiratory
  • skin conditions
  • can even improve sports performance.

You heard correctly. It can improve sports performance. For me personally, I’ve gone to Salt Remedy on several occasions and every experience has been second to none.

Just a quick fun fact for ya before I go…  Did you know that During WWII, doctors observed that people hiding in salt mines and caves began to experience benefits of improved respiratory health.  In the 1960’s, underground spa facilities became a popular means of therapy for people with respiratory conditions. When you visit Salt Remedy, not only do you have the option to enjoy a zero-gravity lawn chair, but you have the option of getting a massage or taking a Yoga class too. Isn’t that cool? Why not try a different kind of remedy, like Salt Remedy!

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