Enter Zoom

Enter Zoom

April 02, 2020

We live in an unprecedented time where we are being asked to practice “social distancing” which has been upgraded to a full-fledged state of social separation. We’re used to being able to pick up and go, you know...  meet a friend for coffee, go shopping at 336 Marketplace and roam about as we please. When someone says to stay put… it makes me want to do the opposite (but don’t worry, this rule follower wouldn’t dare and I hope you are with me on that). What if there was a way you could “get out” so to speak, yet still abide by the stay-in-place order that Montgomery County and several other counties are currently under? Enter Zoom.

Zoom is an internet based platform that gives social people the capability to hop on a video conferencing call that allows us to see and be seen. How cool is that? This is where I just want to give technology a giant hug. Zoom is fantastic as you can have a one-on-one conversation or you can meet with several people at one time. Businesses have been using it and are relying on it like never before. Clubs, small groups and churches that once met weekly are now “zooming” weekly. For instance, the Woodlands Toastmasters Club has been meeting via Zoom for the past few weeks and will continue to do so until we can again meet in person. Think about that, where there is a will, there is a (safe) way.

Some of the features I love about Zoom:

  • Free account option, allows up to 100 participants at once, but is limited to 40 minute meetings.
  • Zoom can be accessed online (computer) or via an app on any cell phone.
  • There is an option to turn the video / camera on and off at any time.
  • You can send private messages to participants of the Zoom.
  • It’s not just for businesses. I was recently invited to a Zoom happy hour.
  • Families who live in different places can zoom.
  • Low rate monthly membership options (visit zoom.us for more deets)

When you think of Zoom, think of meeting or connecting. Zoom allows us to meet together online by having face-to-face conversations. Now more than ever, this is the time to come together. I want to encourage you to give Zoom a try if you’ve never used it. Happy zooming and connecting.

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