Get Outdoors & Go Fishing

Get Outdoors & Go Fishing

April 07, 2020

If you enjoy a good riddle, then you might enjoy this one. What do the following items have in common: 1) a bass boat 2) large body of water 3) fishing poles 4) super-hot Summer day 5) prizes 6) me? Give up? The answer is Lee. Lee and I were in our first year or two of dating and we were in a Skeeter Bass Boat Fishing Tournament on Lake Fork with his Dad. If you know me at all, I’m not much of an angler, oh but the things we’ll do (once) for love.

How about another riddle? What do Deer Lake, Sunday afternoons, solitude and one fishing pole have in common? If you guessed Lee, you’re right. Lee loves to fish and he comes by it honestly as mentioned above. Deer Lake at Grand Central Park has been especially comforting during this time of social distancing and isolation. Deer Lake is such a gem. Thankfully, the fish don’t mind Lee’s company as they’ve succumbed to his line a time or two. Don’t worry, my guy is a catch-and-release kind of guy. The great thing about being able to fish in our “own backyard” is that it provides a place of solace to get fresh air and be out in nature while practicing safe “social distancing”. It’s really fortunate to be able to fish anytime we (Lee) likes. It doesn’t cost anything, but time which we all seem to have a lot of these days.

Here’s my guide to fishing:

  • Grab a good book, let your guy grab the rod and reel.
  • When you go to the lake, make sure there’s a nice spot where you can get some sunshine with optional shade.
  • Your guy (or partner) will know where to go to find the perfect spot to drop a line.
  • You both should set an intention… for you: it’s to relax. For him: it’s to unwind the line and catch a fish.
  • Enjoy being together in nature. He’ll be happy you’re with him and he’ll be happy if he catches a fish or two. Double win.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate, wear sunblock and pack your fishing license (if needed)

If you live near an area where you can go fishing, it’s a great way to stay safe and practice good social distancing. You get a line and I’ll grab a pole, honey.

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