Simply Delicious

Simply Delicious

April 08, 2020

I’m no Martha Stewart….not even a distant, long lost, twice removed relative. But if Martha Stewart had a puppy-loving, work out obsessed gene in her body then just maybe we could be related. Everyone knows that Martha Stewart can do just about anything as it relates to “the home”. She is the Queen of cooking, decorating and entertaining. I enjoy cooking and entertaining, but it’s pretty simple. As you can imagine, the same goes for decorating. When I was given the opportunity to cook / demo one of the fabulous recipes submitted to our Director of Fun, Doris, by residents of Grand Central Park, I was optimistic. Seriously, I thought to myself, “This will be fun and Lee will be happy.” I don’t mind cooking, it’s just I tend to get in a rut by sticking with the same old recipes and dishes. Some may call it the “safe zone”. No need to wonder how it will turn out, because I’ve mastered these said recipes. However I’m so glad Doris gathered these recipes because it’s a great way to shake things up in the kitchen. And given that we are all spending a little (make that a lot) more time at home these days, what a great opportunity to explore and experiment with new recipes. The recipe I chose, Julie’s Pecan Baked Salmon, is simply ...well... delicious. And yes, it’s also simple to make, but bursts with flavor.

What I enjoyed most about this recipe:

  • Fairly easy to make, but packed with flavor
  • Visually appealing
  • Took about 20 minutes to prepare, start to finish
  • Will go great on a salad or served with wild rice and asparagus (Julie’s recommendation)
  • Loaded with good-for-you ingredients (look up the health benefits of eating salmon)
  • Gluten free and dairy free for those who have sensitivities

I will definitely make Julie’s Pecan Baked Salmon again soon. It won’t stop there as I am looking forward to trying the other recipes as well. A big thank you to Doris for gathering the recipes and helping people shake things up in the kitchen. And a big thanks to the wonderful neighbors of GCP for the fabulous recipes. Let the kitchen adventures commence.

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