Looking to Have a Green Thumb?

Looking to Have a Green Thumb?

May 08, 2020

They say opposites attract (and isn’t that truth), especially when it comes to relationships and marriage. For instance, in our marriage I’m the outgoing one (shocker, right?) while the hubby is more reserved. I’m “free spirited” while Lee is conservative and methodical. He likes science-fiction movies and I like romantic comedies. He likes to fish, I would rather lay in a hammock while reading a book. He likes beer and I like wine! I am an early bird while he prefers to sleep in. He has the green thumb and well, I do not! Lee enjoys working in the yard. I like the way it looks when he is finished! Anyone else out there who has never..mowed.the.grass, who does not plan on doing it anytime soon? High five to you!

Due to the recent stay-at-home orders, I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media of people working on projects in and around the house and in their yard too. In fact one neighbor who perused Grand Central Park complimented on how great our neighborhood looked and you know what… she is right. Where do YOU go for your nursery / garden center needs? Lee is a fan of Growers Outlet as we both know, like and trust “Super D” aka Dustin. We have close neighbors who shall remain anonymous who love Growers Outlet as well.

Some things to know about Growers Outlet:

  • Located in Willis, just North of Grand Central Park
  • Family owned and operated for 20 years
  • Now offering online shopping and delivery
  • According to online reviews, they are “a beautiful plant haven with friendly and helpful staff”
  • One-stop-shop for bedding plants, perennials, shrubs, trees, tropicals, herbs and vegetables, Texas natives and an assortment of garden supplies
  • Visit growersoutletinwillis.com/tour to see what they are currently growing

If you haven’t stopped by Growers Outlet yet, I encourage you to do so. Be sure to follow them on Facebook too. Super D will keep you entertained and up to date on all the fun things taking place at Growers Outlet.

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