Race Ready Repair

Race Ready Repair

May 15, 2020

Can I let you in on a little secret? Well, to some of you it may not be a secret. There is a wonderful little (figuratively speaking) bike shop located in the heart of Conroe….Downtown Conroe that is. It’s called Race Ready Repair. Lee and I have known the owners for a looong time. In fact, I was on a triathlon relay team with Mandi Rogers in … 2006! Would you believe that she was the cyclist and I was the runner and a friend of Mandi’s was the swimmer? I mention this because Mandi and her husband, Gary, know a LOT about cycling and have been a part of the “cycling scene” for a minute or two as some would say. One of the things that Lee and I like about Race Ready Repair is that they are community oriented. Gary and Mandi host weekly social rides, the occasional clinic and welcome all disciplines, levels and ability (from neighborhood social riders to competitive cyclists). They are warm and welcoming, and they treat people like family.

Not too long ago I was mentioning to a neighbor that I was doing a lot more riding lately and she mentioned that she had a bicycle she would like to have some work done on. I immediately told her about Race Ready Repair and then thought to myself, “Who else needs to know?” Then I thought again, “Everyone!”

The services / products you will find at Race Ready Repair are as follows:

  • Bikes sales - a variety of road, gravel, trail, commuter and even E-bikes
  • Custom built bicycle services with many frames, frame sets and wheel options
  • Bike maintenance to keep you rolling
  • FREE - “community” as mentioned above

Due to recent events, things have been shaken up a bit. Morning walks with the pups have become a normal thing, seeing people riding their bikes, running and walking around GCP have also become a new norm. If you have a bike you’d like to have fixed up, please go see our friends at Race Ready Repair. They will take good care of you. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you on two wheels!

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