Loving the New Central Village!

Loving the New Central Village!

May 14, 2020

Lee and I have been walking the dogs around Grand Central Park a lot lately. We’ve developed quite the morning routine and it’s fun to see others out doing their routines as well (especially the four-legged furry ones). Walking in and around Grand Central Park has been good and not-so-good at the same time. WHAT AM I SAYING?? Well, I’m saying there’s a new village in town, it’s quite intriguing and it has been good to see. The part that is perhaps “not so good” is that we want to buy ALL of the houses..!. As Lee and I walk by we look at the various lots and we notice things we like and then we notice things we love. The same goes with the model homes. There are a couple we have not had a chance to go in just yet, but they are on our list to see. What I love about the model homes in Central Village:

  • Highland Homes - their model home is so unique. It’s like a studio apartment meets contemporary single family living.
  • Coventry - if you want a home that is completely different and unique, then you have to check out their model. It’s cozy, comfortable, yet very accommodating.
  • Lennar - super cute townhomes that have all the right necessities in all the right places.
  • Trendmaker - another contemporary product with super clean lines and finishes. It has a clean and sleek feel to it.
  • David Weekley - I hope to see their model home very soon, but I heard they have new floor plans coming out soon. Still, I am a fan!
  • Westin - their model home has lots of wow factors and is oo-la-la. I fell in love with the “Spencer” floor plan.
  • Drees - what’s not to love about custom homes….simply stunning.
  • Perry - just love their elevations and options that come with the home and they have a rock solid reputation. I can’t wait to take a gander at their model home soon!

I’ve mentioned some things that I like about the new model homes that have recently opened in Central Village. Don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Please note that there are still homes available in West Village as well! Won’t you be my neighbor?

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