Happy Stretching at StretchLab

Happy Stretching at StretchLab

July 13, 2020

As I write this blog, I am thinking of all the residents of Grand Central Park who bike, run, walk and do yoga. There are so many of you and it’s awesome to see that our healthy community is growing. I’m writing this with YOU in mind. I always say that caring is sharing which is why I am telling you about StretchLab. It’s a unique wellness concept offering assisted-stretch sessions. If you’re anything like me, then stretching is the last thing you EVER want to do (but really it’s like the second thing you should do after working out or sitting at a computer all day long)! I was able to experience Stretch Lab and let me just tell you...while it’s not a massage, I left the session feeling tons lighter. I highly, highly, (what’s one more highly) highly recommend giving it a try.

StretchLab is located in Hughes Landing in The Woodlands which is about 15-ish minutes south of Grand Central Park.

Our pups bought Lee a gift card for Father’s day that included 3  25-minute sessions. Lee said and I quote, “It was fine.” My guy, a man of sometimes few words. Ok, I’m kidding… he said that between the first and second session (a week apart) that he could see an increased range of motion. 

The Flexoligists are true experts when it comes to stretching. They customize each session to your needs. Quick fun fact, the Flexologists have 70+ hours of hands-on training and 20+ classroom hours. The great thing is that StretchLab has several plans to choose from which include shared family plans. You can purchase a package or sign up for a monthly membership. Group sessions are also available and they are enforcing strict COVID-19 guidelines. Everyone is required to wear a mask.

Why get stretched:

  • Improve sports performance (shout out to the GCP athletes).
  • Increase range of motion and flexibility.
  • Reduce joint and muscle pain.
  • Improve posture (you mean.. I could be taller? Yes, please!).
  • Reduced stress (I definitely experienced this one).

On average, the age of members range from 30 to 60, however they have members who are 10 years old and up. If you’ve ever thought about stretching more and would love some assistance, then StretchLab is for you. You can thank me later. Happy stretching!

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