This Independence Day

This Independence Day

June 25, 2020

As Independence Day quickly approaches, I reflect on how grateful I am to be an American and that I live in such a great County, Montgomery County that is. It seems like there is a great sense of patriotism and care that is shared in our wonderful community. It ranges from our local leadership to the people at The Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Commission (see more below) to the wonderful neighbors in Grand Central Park.

Thank you to the people at The Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Commission for offering messages of hope during the recent pandemic. Did you see the messages that were displayed at the Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Park by chance? Messages like “Hope Is Not Cancelled”, “Pray For Our Nation And Our Leaders” and “God Bless Montgomery County”. Small American flags lined the sidewalk around the perimeter of the park for Memorial Day and D-Day. The flags and messages served as great reminders that we really do live in an amazing Country.

As we all adjust to and navigate a new normal, I suppose the way we celebrate Independence Day this year will be a little different. However, I would like to encourage you to allow the 4th of July to be a positive distraction for you during this unprecedented time. Below is a list of a few ways to commemorate this historical holiday.

  • Thank a veteran for his or her past/ current service. I don’t think we could do this enough. We have several veterans in Grand Central Park and I just want to say, Thank you for your service! Seriously, where would we be without them. #unsungheroes I would like to add, it doesn’t matter how long you served, the fact is … YOU SERVED and THANK YOU!
  • Wear your colors, red, white and blue that is!
  • Fly an American flag. Many GCP residents are involved in the Conroe HS Band Flag Program and it looks so nice to see the flags around the neighborhood.
  • Raise a glass to our past and present heroes.
  • Listen to your favorite patriotic song. My favorite is God Bless the USA. Is it just me, but that song never.gets.old.
  • Visit the Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Park and take a stroll down Victory Row where you’ll find all of the military flags.

Even though this year Independence Day may look different in the way we celebrate it, it doesn’t have to be different in the way we feel about it. Together let’s show our patriotism by being proud to be an American.

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