Expressions of Hope

Expressions of Hope

July 20, 2020

What is your favorite color? One of my favorite colors is turquoise. I also like yellow and not just because of the Green Bay Packers (go Packs). Bright, happy colors make me just that… happy because I’m a “sunny side up” kind of gal. I try to fill my mind with messages that are empowering, encouraging and uplifting. Anyone else with me on this? That’s why I love, love, love Hannah and Ruth. Hannah and Ruth is a local faith based apparel business that sells gifts, t-shirts and jewelry that offer “expressions of hope” (my saying, not theirs)! Think of this way, when you wear a shirt that says “She is Strong” or “Worry Ends Where Faith Begins”, you can’t help but feel better! I like to think of wearing positive messages as a great way to offer expressions of hope. It not only benefits the person wearing the shirt, but for every person who reads it too! It’s a double win and so super timely these days.

You may want to shop Hannah and Ruth if:

  • You like hats, clutches, shirts, tanks and or hoodies.
  • Buying gifts for yourself and others makes you happy, happy, happy (gift cards are available too).
  • You enjoy unique designs as well as the ability to place a custom order.
  • You want to shop local and support small businesses. Hannah and Ruth is located in Montgomery County!
  • You need a wholesale order, they’ve got you covered, pun intended!
  • You’re going on vacation and want coordinating shirts for the family.
  • It’s Christmas time and you want to purchase matching pajamas (it’s a thing, you know).
  • “Always FREE shipping” makes you giddy!

I’m barely scratching the surface in an attempt to describe to you how great Hannah and Ruth is. Visit to discover more. I have bought several pieces, custom orders too and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the quality and the customer service. Cheers to offering expressions of hope and shopping local!


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