Blackwood Gun Club

Blackwood Gun Club

August 11, 2020

Lee and I recently went to Blackwood Gun Club, where he shot and I admired all of the people who were there shooting. Speaking of people, there were all kinds and from every walk of life: young, young at heart, women, men, you name it. In fact, when we pulled into the parking lot on a Sunday afternoon (may I add that it was a HOT Sunday afternoon), the parking lot was full. We were pleasantly surprised and impressed. Blackwood Gun Club is definitely the place to shoot and it’s a great way to take your mind off of the Texas Summer heat.

What I liked most about Blackwood Gun Club:

  • Their “obsession with safety.” It was very apparent! It put this newbie at ease.
  • The fact that it’s an outdoor shooting range was also appealing, I liked that it’s open and spread out.
  • The location is spot on. It is roughly 10 minutes from Grand Central Park on 2854 heading West from Loop 336 South.
  • The staff is super friendly and when I said I wasn’t shooting, on two different occasions by two different employees, I was asked, “Why not?” One day sirs, one day. By the way, that’s another story for another day!
  • They offer several private and group classes including a License to Carry class. I’ve got my eye on the “First Shot Class - Handgun & Rifle”. Who is with me?
  • There are several ranges onsite: rifle & pistol, skeet & Trap, and sporting clays.
  • Memberships for those who want unlimited visits, guest passes and discounts.

There are several things that set Blackwood Gun Club apart which include their involvement with the community by supporting dozens of fundraisers every year, they are the only local outdoor shooting facility and they have an official Sporting Clay Team that is first in the State of Texas and 3rd in the Nation. I could go on, but why not see for yourself by stopping in. Who knows, we may just see each other there.

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