GCP Neighborhood Watch

GCP Neighborhood Watch

September 11, 2020

One of the many reasons Lee and I love living in Grand Central Park is because of the neighbors. Our block in particular is pretty cohesive and we have so much fun together. Because of COVID, our Director of Fun, Doris, has had to come up with creative ways to keep us connected and in a safe way. One of the events she hosted was a Driveway Picnic where residents were encouraged to set up a picnic in their driveway. Prizes were given out for best decorated (x 3) and best neighborhood participation. Our little nook, if you will, won best neighborhood participation. I say all of this because not only did we have fun yet again, but it’s times like this where we’ve been able to strengthen the relationship with our neighbors who we consider to be very good friends. This came in super handy when we recently had an encounter where we were able to exercise a very organic neighborhood watch program. While GCP has an official Neighborhood Watch Program, I’m pretty sure the neighbors involved are not officially on the program.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Watch Program is quite simple:

  • Prevent crime
  • Bring community members together
  • Empower neighbors to make their neighborhoods safer by using basic crime prevention techniques
  • Identify and report suspicious activity

Here’s what happened without going into the specific details: One neighbor noticed something that didn’t seem quite right. Within a matter of minutes through the course of text messages, driveway conversations and a phone call, the police were called and 5 neighbors notified and were on “watch”. Conroe PD did not delay and were patrolling the area moments after being notified. It was a beautiful and proud moment to say the least. I didn’t hear anything else of the situation (good or otherwise). It could have been innocent, or our actions could have prevented something from happening. What I do know is that the residents of Grand Central Park have a bond, we care about each other, we’re looking out for one another and we stand united. I am proud to be a resident of GCP and I’m so grateful for our Johnson Development, Doris and especially our neighbors. #iloveGCP #happycamper

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