Glade Cultural Center

Glade Cultural Center

November 20, 2020

One of the fun things I’ve been doing lately as it relates to the Central Hub is interviewing residents. I love doing it because I get to learn (and share with you) what is bringing residents to Grand Central Park, what they enjoy about living here and fun things they do in and around the Conroe/The  Woodlands area. It’s inspiring and gives me ideas of fun things to do as well. If you haven’t checked out the resident interviews, I encourage you to do so. We have some fascinating and diverse residents.

In one of the resident interviews, my friend and neighbor, Cindi, mentioned going to a place called Glade Cultural Center in The Woodlands that had amazing entertainment and events. She spoke highly of it and mentioned that she and her husband had gone there on several occasions. I recently went to a networking meeting at Glade Cultural Center and it was such an exquisite place. I later learned that it’s also multifaceted in that it’s an art gallery, event venue, home of the Mercury Bar and Glade Arts Foundation.

The Glade Cultural Center is a hidden gem if you’ve never heard of it! They have some spectacular entertainment lined up for this November and December ranging from classical concerts to holiday music extravaganzas featuring a 21 piece band! For a full line-up, visit their website. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak:

  • December 6 -Christmas Brass Chamber Concert with Woodlands Symphony Orchestra - $25
  • December 11 - Gene Keen Christmas Piano Lounge Night - $25
  • December 17 - A Celebration of Beethoven with Ethos Chamber Music - $25
  • December 18, 19 - Holiday Extravaganza Big Band - $25
  • December 25 - Jingle Bells Holiday Club Night with DJ Fire - $10
  • December 31 - Bye Bye 2020 NYE with DJ Fire - $45

They also have Jazz concerts every Saturday. Bands to be announced the week of, admission $25.

Just a heads up that space is limited so be sure to purchase your tickets early! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the holidays. Can you?

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