Back in Time Popcorn

Back in Time Popcorn

December 11, 2020

If you could go back in time, which era would you return to? Would you relive your years as a kid, maybe as a pre-teen or teenager? Perhaps you would go back to your college years? If I could go back in time, I would go back to my 5th grade year. I remember like it was yesterday, my Dad picked me up from my neighborhood friend’s house in a go-kart he had bought me. He attached his bike to the back of it so that I could drive my new ride home. You guys...This was the coolest go-kart because it had a shell of a car around it. It was so much fun! I would go back in time and drive that “car” again if I could!

I would also go back to the time when my best friend and I, Kelly Jordan, would go to the movies. It was not uncommon for us to see two back-to-back shows. A Pepsi, popcorn and Milk Duds were my snacks of choice. To this day, when I eat Milk Duds it is very nostalgic.

When I step into Back in Time Popcorn, it also brings back a feeling of nostalgia. It’s one of my favorite places to get gifts for others and myself! Back in Time Popcorn is  located on Hwy 105 in Conroe, not far from I-45 S. It’s such a fun gift shop that boasts several flavors of popcorn and different types of candy, including some that you probably enjoyed as a kid. For instance, please tell me I’m not the ONLY kid who ate candy cigarettes… anyone else!? Guess what... They have candy cigarettes!

In terms of popcorn, my personal favorites are Tiger Corn as in Conroe Tigers (chocolate drizzle), Texas Two Step (mixture of spicy and sweet caramel) and Pickle which tastes just like it sounds…!

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift to say thank you to a client, teacher, your favorite Director of Fun, first responder or veteran, you’ve got to check out Back in Time Popcorn. They make it so easy with these gift ideas:

  • 58 popcorn flavors ranging from various sizes from gift boxes to popcorn tin cans!
  • 123 different types of candy (yes,you read that correctly… one hundred twenty three!!!)
  • Build your own gift baskets - both small and large.
  • Various kinds of sodas like good old fashioned root beer!
  • Ask about their cocoa bombs.. They’re incredible!

When you step into Back in Time Popcorn, you really will feel like you stepped back in time! It’s so much fun! I’m grateful for this wonderful gift shop that’s located so close to Grand Central Park!.

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