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Central HubHi, I’m Jen and I am super excited to be the blogger for the GCP Central Hub! Get the download here on the community from me, a GCP resident! 

My full name is Jennifer, but there are so many “Jennifer’s” in the world that one day I decided to shorten my name to “Jen” and to simplify matters, I decided to be Jen with just one “n” (instead of two). Kind of unique right? I know.. not so much --- there are tons of Jen’s and Jenn’s! Anyway….I digress! My husband, Lee, and I love living in Grand Central Park and have lived here since December of 2017. We moved in 3 days before Christmas and it was the best Christmas gift ever. For more about me, go here. 

Otherwise you can check out my blogs below to get the scoop from my point of view! 


April 02, 2020
We live in an unprecedented time where we are being asked to practice “social... Read More
March 12, 2020
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March 06, 2020
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March 02, 2020
When was the last time you went off the beaten path and ate at a restaurant t... Read More
February 26, 2020
I recently spoke with a family member who said one of his New Year's resoluti... Read More
February 24, 2020
Currently I am training for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon and I have been ... Read More
February 20, 2020
Guess what.. I’m going to let you in on an event that’s coming up in February... Read More
February 17, 2020
Lee and I definitely have a need for speed. Lee prefers what my dad calls a “... Read More
February 11, 2020
You guys...if you're a dog (which I know you aren't but just hang with me her... Read More
February 03, 2020
Not only did my Dad introduce me to running many many moons ago, but he intro... Read More
January 20, 2020
I love the diversity found within Grand Central Park and I’m not just talking... Read More
January 06, 2020
For fun I looked up different types of trails in Texas and found a wonderful ... Read More
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